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I predict that the new edition will fix a lot of the imbalances of the current, the first half dozen new codices will be nicely balanced, and although the Internet hive-mind will figure out a couple q

As I've been saying for years, every time GW introduces a new product -- be it as major as a new edition or as minor as a redesigned paint brush cup -- the reactions are eerily predictable:  33%

Yeah. I just hate it when people voluntarily agree to exchange their wealth for the goods or services voluntarily being offered by others. 🙄

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I think GW’s just desperately trying to give Reivers something to do.  

They kinda painted themselves into a corner on this one... Initially, Reivers made sense as the scouting, infiltrating, light assault counterparts to the Intercessors. They had lackluster rules (GW doesn’t seem to realize how Leadership works in their own game) but they at least had a purpose.

Then GW created Infiltrators and Eliminators... Which worked far better as scouts than the Reivers. Then came the Assault Intercessors.

Making Reivers into an specialized assassination squad gives them a purpose. Although, I question how good they’d be at it. Most psykers are HQ level special characters that can probably handle a small squad of Space Marines by themselves and will likely have bodyguard units (e.g., SM Librarians, CSM Sorcerers, Eldar Farseers) or are dirt cheap buff/debuff batteries that really any Space Marine unit should have zero issues killing (e.g., Primaris Psykers).

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Nothing so far. Although knowing GW, they probably have at least one or two more planned. There isn’t anything in the DW or SW box that can’t be used with other Chapters, of course, but I still expect to see at least one Combat Patrol box with the neutral, non-Chapter specific “Space Marines” name on it... Probably a repacking of the Dark Imperium kits.

I also expect to see the current Start Collecting boxes becoming scarce as GW no doubt has (or soon will) stop producing them in order to free up shelf space for the new sets.

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For sure, the boxes need to have different contents, because they can be used with any army. I was watching a youtube video about the value of the contents. Both the SW and DW boxes are 48% off retail. If you ignore the presence of the chapter upgrade sprues, they are 28% off retail. That's pretty strong. I am looking for Dark Angels bits, so I'm hoping to get that sweet 48% value, but I can settle for less if the contents of a box is 100% must-have. 

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23 hours ago, blackvigil said:

With the new Combat Patrol boxes replacing the Start Collecting, I am wondering if they will be coming out with one for all of the marine supplement dexes. SW and DW got one. Seems logical for DA and BA to get them as well when their books come out. Has anyone heard anything about that?

It is likely that they will. 

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3 hours ago, Ish said:

Ork models is never removed from da game, they just become conversions for da uvver models.

Dat Chinork? It’s a Battlewagon now. 

Hahaha if only I had made some. 


Still the ork units are rather good. Definitely in that Necron/Sisters of Battle level of playability which is where I want all codices to be.


You might actually see multiple Kill Tanks now....

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17 minutes ago, PumpkinHead said:

The imperial armor books seems like it will help the Tyranids a good deal. Having the 'dules moved to HS instead of the Titan tax will be nice. The Dimachaeron has some useful rules that are more in line with 9th. 

I should never have strayed from my Tyrnaids by starting a Blood Angels army for 9th. But it is what it is.

There is always Ebay to correct these sorts of mistakes.

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I have not found a single player that can make GS cult work in 9th ed. So they are totally regulated to the shelf for a while. 

My boys are starting to learn 40k so blood angels isn't a bad thing for them to start on. I will always have the Bugs and I will play them too, I just wanted to see what the world was like with power armor and being outnumbered.

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