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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge Week 12 and Beyond!!!

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I like to do quick little crafty projects in between the bigger jobs. Retouching the paint on the Land Raider was easy, but the assembly and painting the Achillus was a lot of work... Fun work, but I still needed a “quick win” to reset myself.

I decided to do a quick bit of arts and crafts and protect my new BattleFoam case from the machinations of Chaos that claimed my last one by backing up my basement drain...


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White Scars Deathwatch Veteran Captain on Bike 

First model out of my Indomitus box finished. Great detail and lots of fun to paint -- I can't wait to see the upcoming multi-pose models!  

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I have found that a base coat of an olive drab green followed by some drybrushing and edge highlighting with Citadel Layer Gauss Blaster Green, followed by a heavy wash of Citadel Shade Biel Tan Green makes an amazing jade.

Which it seems like the end result you’re going for with your Necrons, so I thought I’d share.


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Necromunda doesn’t actually have any rules for vehicles, so this will basically be little more than a custom terrain piece, but I’ve decided to give my Palanite Enforcers a custom ride.

ABS from a 3D printer isn’t going to win any prizes for best model, but it should look good enough. My printer is still chugging away on the roof elements now, then I’ll need to add the cupolas and pintle-mounted weapons (I’m thinking a flamer water-cannon). Not sure if I’ll print those elements or just try to scrounge some from a bitz box.



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Construction is complete and I’m about 1/3 of the way through the initial base coat colors.

Probably not going to be the best looking vehicle I’ve ever painted (the printed model’s quality is kinda meh to begin with), but for something that will basically only ever serve as a lump of terrain? I don’t feel the need to exhaust my best efforts on it. But I want to knock out some “quick wins” before I get stuck in on my next batch of Adeptus Custodes.


Edit to Add: Lost power during the dozer blade print and I’m wondering if I should just leave it off... Gonna call it “done” for now.


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Added another ten Palanite Enforcers to my precinct, bringing me to a grand total of fifteen Enforcers and six Subjugators. I’m probably gonna pick up a couple of Cyber Mastiffs, but I think I’m pretty much complete gang-wise... One of the upsides of the Enforcers’ extremely limited equipment options compared to other gangs is that I don’t need to have a “deep bench” and can still have every possible option modeled.


The totally-not-Judge-Dredd-please-don’t-sue-us special heads are from Puppets War. I’ve got ten of them making my way here from Poland now... But they probably won’t be here until late August. 


Decided to print out a dozer blade for the Supressor APC after all. I magnetized it, but I’m not sure if I like it or not... Oh well, options are good.

I’m also thinking of collecting a smaller second gang (that’s how they always start, isn’t it?) but not sure if I want to go with Goliaths or Delaque... 

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Several months back, I started working on a table for Frostgrave and other such games that would work on a 3’ x 3’ pseudo-medieval urban table. After much procrastination, I’ve finally started assembly.

Here’s a work-in-progress / rough mockup of the board, with a handy Tactical Marine for scale. The general idea is that the “sidewalk” tiles will form a couple of “frames” for 5” x 5” plates (And one big 10” x 10” on in the center) that will have other terrain features built on them. The houses and the ruined tower in the picture are going to be my first “modules.”


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I've been using 3rd ed Imperial Fist transfers on my Primaris Marines and they're super-delicate. Here's my process FWIW:

  1. Gloss varnish the shoulder pad. Let it dry.
  2. Cut out the transfer
  3. Put the transfer onto a fold of paper towel that's sodden with water
  4. Put a drop or two of water on top of the decal. Wait for it to come off the backing
  5. Paint a bit of the blue micro-sol/set onto the shoulder pad
  6. Use two damp paintbrushes to pick up the transfer
  7. Put it on the shoulder pad
  8. Put a small brush-load of Micro-sol/set red on top. Wait for it to dry a good bit
  9. Do step #8 again
  10. Do step #9 again
  11. Inspect. If it looks like the transfer has settled sufficiently use some very damp paper towel, using a gentle rolling motion, to press directly on the decal. If it hasn't settled down to my liking, back to step #10
  12. Gloss varnish when dry. Weather. Matte varnish.
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Q-tips are the bane of my existence right now. I use them to clean up the oil wash when weathering a model, and they leave behind a million little fibers than invariably get missed and varnished onto the model forever. I'm gonna try some make-up sponges I got from my daughter next time, see how that works.

Of course, that's not to say a q-tip wouldn't work great for step #11, I'm sure it would. I'm just trying to be a good 40k fan and complain about stuff 😉😉 

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4 hours ago, Ish said:

What are you pressing on them with?

brush a little micro sol on the model

I start by pressing down in the middle with a tiny flat brush.  It worked very well for circle transfers on the knees.

when most wrinkles are gone I put a bit of micro set on a q-tip and gently roll it from the middle out. 

This worked great on uneven surfaces.... until the phobos.

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