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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge Week 12 and Beyond!!!

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Assault Intercessor Sergeant  

White Scars Deathwatch Veteran Captain on Bike 

First model out of my Indomitus box finished. Great detail and lots of fun to paint -- I can't wait to see the upcoming multi-pose models!  

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Had to halt in the middle of painting the Sisters of Silence last night when the entire county lost power. Stole a few free moments here and there today to keep plugging away on them.

Got their cloaks done, put the base coat on their boltguns, and finished off their armor today. Should have them done by this time tomorrow...

Not sure what color to make their top-knots. Any ideas?


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I’ve used a Dark Angels-esque green at the defining color for my Custodes’ shield-company: cloaks, plumes, shoulder pad, etc. 

I want my Sisters of Silence to look similar to the Custodians, but am intentionally not making them uniform with them. So I’ve gone for red cloaks and other accent bitz. That both groups are still wearing my super shiny gold armor ought to be more than enough to make them a cohesive whole, but still look distinctive... That’s the theory anyway.

Since the Sister’s topknots are supposed to be their actual hair, I think I’m just going to opt to do them in a variety of natural hair colors. 

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