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Cabin Fever Hobby Frenzy Challenge Week 12 and Beyond!!!

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Assault Intercessor Sergeant  

White Scars Deathwatch Veteran Captain on Bike 

First model out of my Indomitus box finished. Great detail and lots of fun to paint -- I can't wait to see the upcoming multi-pose models!  

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I finally have some progress and photos of it -  been working on a necromunda terrain project (as well as assembling but not painting plenty of models...)



got slightly side tracked adding lights into the body of the platform section, but the whole unit is scaled up roughly 250% from the sector mechanicus stuff, and stands roughly 13” tall.  I’ll probably be aiming to collaborate with someone for some 3d printed panels to fill in some details, but for now I’ve just been using random wire, rod and assorted plastic bits to fill in some detail on the interiors.  

hoping to have a couple structures to fill a 3’x3’ table, and add some crazy verticality when we’re able to get a necromunda league up and running again someday.  

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