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Trading Minis and Cash for Sports Cards (and other stuff)

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I've fallen back into my old sports card hobby and am looking for people's old collections.   If you have any lying around, let me know how much you want or what you are looking for in trade.  I have a ton of games and minis available.  Also have some old 2nd Ed ad&d books.    And as always, I am looking for vintage RPG's, Comic Books, Toys, Nintendo Stuff and CCGs.   

Thanks for looking.


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10 minutes ago, Mulgrok said:

I have a bunch of 89-99 Baseball cards.  They aren't really vintage, but some are worth more than nothing.  I was a fan of Cal Ripken Jr., so a bunch of his cards.  If you are trading any Warhammer 40k stuff I would definitely be interested.

Definitely.  Anything specific you looking for?  How many cards are you talking?  I'm not sure all what I have 40kwise but there is some.

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I am not looking for anything specific, because I have only recently started the hobby.  I am not sure how many there are or how good their condition is, but there are at least several hundred to maybe 1000 random cards.  About 35 are Cal Ripen JR spanning his rookie year through '99.  Around 25 cards that include Griffey Jr, Nolan Ryan, Albert Belle, Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds, erc...  Most of the rest are probably worthless, but there are a lot of them.

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