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Looking for suggestions for Trader-style source material.

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I am ok as a GM but I have a weakness where it comes to political scheming.  I can make schemes which are one or two layers deep but when trying to go deeper I have problems...  This is especially true in the more subtle interplay of money and trading instead of straight political power or influence.  Does anyone have good source material (whole systems or just modules) that develops good schemes for trading and trade houses?  I went looking for some Dune resources to see if I could get good descriptions of plots between those houses (although I am looking for more depth than was represented in the infighting between Atreides and Harkonnen.  Other systems are an options as well, I am not wedded to Dune's houses or anything.

If you have any good suggestions for such interactions I would pointers.

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This depends on how mechanically involved you want the Player Characters to be in the trading. Will they be the actual traders involved (i.e., doing the buying and selling themselves) or will they merely be acting as deniable pawns trusted agents of NPCs doing the trading?

If its NPC’s running the business, you don’t really need to worry about details. Just decide if their patron(s) are Doing Great, Doing Okay, Breaking Even, Doing Bad, or Doing Terribly. Adjust them up or down this track as you see fit in order to best tell the story... 

If the PC’s are doing the trading, then it becomes a question of how much trading their doing... A small tramp freighter worth of stuff, a la Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds? A massive bulk cruiser of cargo, a la Rogue Trader? Or entire multi-stellar empires?

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I'm not worried about the trading itself...  I am concerned about good source material for 4, 5 or 8 layers deep backstabbbing between traders.  The actual system is DarkSun under 4th Ed D&D but I am looking for some deeper motivations for some of the trading houses they will be working with.

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