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9th ed Test list


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This list makes me sad but there is a lot less shooting going on here than I want as an Ork Player... Here goes


Bridage: -5CP

-4 CP for Brigarde

+4 Warlord

-1 CP Specialist

-1 CP Relic (Da Killa Klaw)

-3 CP Unit Stratagems 

Kulture: Deathskulls

Specialist Detachment: Dread Waaagh!


[85] Big Mek with Kustom Force Field w/ Grot Oiler

[80] Big Mek with Kustom Force Field

[120] Big Mek with Relic Shokk Attack Gun, Warlord Big Killa Boss (the unit normally comes with the SAG but GQ has a separate points for it so...yea... 50% increase)

[90] Warboss Da Biggest Boss, Relic Power Klaw, Kombi Rokkit, Attack Squig

[75] Weirdboy Warphead Maniacal Seizure, Da Jump



[250] 29x Boys, 3x Tankbusta Bombs, Boss Nob with Power Klaw

[178] 20x Boyz 2x Tankbusta Bombs, Boss Nob with Power Klaw

[190] 17x Shoota Boys, 2x Rokkit Launcher Boyz, 2x Tankbusta Boms Boss Nob with Power Klaw

[50] 10x Gretchins

[50] 10x Gretchins

[50] 10x Gretchins



[55] 4x Kommando's with Boss Nob with Power Klaw, 1x Tankbusta Bomb

[45] 5x Kommando's with 1x Tankbusta Bomb

[65] Painboy with Power Klaw


Fast Attack:

[35] Deffkopta with Twin Big Shoota (No more Kustom Mega-Blasta's!!!! NOOOOOOOOO)

[35] Deffkopta with Twin Big Shoota

[35] Deffkopta with Twin Big Shoota


Heavy Support:

[300] Deff Dread Mob: 3x Deff Dreads with Dread Klaw, 3x Kustom Mega-Blasta's Kustom Job; Dirty Gubbinz (though the +1 BS is an idea as well...hmmm)

[80] Mek Gunz 2x Smasha Gunz

[130] Mek Gunz 2x Kustom Mega Kannons


Over all I dont have as many boyz, 19 less than normal. I dont have the Tankbusta's I wanted, and the SAG price increase HURTS ME BAD. Oh and I have less Mek Gunz. In 8th ed I had 6 as a mainstay because they were reliable damage and shooting. Now? Not so much.




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Just now, Ish said:

Given that the unit is named “Big Mek with Relic Shokk Attack Gun” and not just “Big Mek,” I’m gonna assume the cost of his weapon is built in... 

You would also assume that for the Kustom Force Field as well and yes... 20 points for that as well. 


Overall IF they are baked into the base cost of the unit then I look to gain 25-65 points which is a LOT. That would bring me to nearly 2 full squads of boyz.

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