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Thoughts on a Good OFCC Beastie?

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So I have a very large Nurgly beast that I was thinking about fitting into my OFCC list for this year... then I got to wondering what SoM/MC creature profile would best fit a very huge Nurgle Deamon? And then I thought "The forums will know"


I haven't had a lot of time to review the books but my initial thoughts were Toad Dragon or Necro Colossus. What monster do you think would fit best and why?


Oh and I would totally do an Exalted Daemon, but the points don't fit :sad:

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I would have to say spined beast.  The modeling options are limitless.

Yeah, modeling isn't the issue, more of trying to fit a stat line to "Giant Nurgle Daemon".


The Exalted Daemon would be perfect if there were enough points in OFCC, so I am looking for an alternate... Does the Spined Beast have any marking options? I won't see my books again until tomorrow.

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Looking at the Giant Spined Beast it is closer than I thought (what with that regen and all) though the statline doesn't give me the "Bigger than a GUO" feel that I was looking for (the price is right though).


The want of something that overshadows the GUO is why I was looking towards the toad dragon and Necro Colossus (the undeady features are sorta daemon-like) to begin with.

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