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Warcry Campaign starting 7/28

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Yes, finally starting.  The campaign will be fast and loose to accommodate our collective situation.

All warbands are welcome. No allies or mercenaries.

posting of results of each battle along with a short narrative encouraged.  More details to come.

Post here with name and warband.Games are not limited to the clubhouse.

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As this is the first campaign, we will be using the Core Campaign Rules. At the heart of every Warcry campaign is the quest your warband is striving to achieve. This is referred to as a campaign quest. You can find a whole array of different campaign quests to choose from in the campaign section of the core book. Each campaign quest has one or more faction runemarks to denote which warbands can embark upon it. After choosing a campaign quest, you will need to fill out a warband roster. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Warcry-Warband-Roster.pdf

Before your first campaign battle, you can add up to 20 fighters to your warband roster. These fighters can total any number of points, but it should contain at least 1000 points’ worth of fighters to allow you to field a full warband during your first campaign battle. You do not have to add the full 20 fighters to begin with – you can instead choose to add additional fighters as the campaign progresses. You’ll be able to add and remove fighters from your warband roster after each campaign battle (pg 67). When adding fighters to your warband roster, you must adhere to the following restrictions:

1. Your warband roster must include at least 3 fighters.

2. Your warband roster cannot exceed 20 fighters.

3. All fighters added to your warband roster must share the same faction runemark as the campaign quest you have chosen.

4. There can be only 1 fighter added to your warband roster with the Leader runemark.


The warband roster includes a campaign progress tracker. This tracks how close your warband is to completing the goal of their quest. There are 12 points on the campaign tracker referred to as map points. Your warband begins on the map point labelled ‘Start’. You can indicate the progress of your warband by marking the map point they have reached. - When mustering a warband for the battle, all fighters chosen must be taken from your warband roster. - Players may be able to muster more than 1000 points of fighters if they have dominated territory or have spent glory points on reinforcements. Each campaign quest includes three unique campaign battles referred to as convergences. On the campaign progress tracker of your warband roster there are three map points marked as the first convergence, the second convergence and the final convergence. Each of these map points is referred to as a convergence map point, and corresponds to a convergence on your campaign quest. When a player’s warband is on a convergence map point, that warband must play the corresponding convergence and be victorious to advance further along the campaign progress tracker. The next time the player controlling that warband plays a campaign battle, they can ask their opponent if they would like to play through their convergence. Each convergence has unique rules to follow when generating the battleplan. If both players’ warbands are on convergence map points, the players will have to decide which convergence they will play through. Only 1 player’s warband can play through their convergence, even if both warbands are embarked upon the same campaign quest and have reached the same convergence map point. 

After each campaign battle has ended, both players must complete a series of steps referred to as the aftermath sequence.

There are 7 steps in the aftermath sequence. The steps must be completed in order and are as follows:

1. Earn and Spend Glory Points

2. Make Injury Rolls

3. Roll for Destiny Levels

4. Add and Remove Fighters

5. Search for Lesser Artefacts

6. Advance on the Campaign Progress Tracker

7. Earn Artefacts of Power or Command Traits

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To summarize:

Make a warband

Pick a quest.  The 8 warcry warbands have access to multiple quests.  All other factions have only one.


Mark progress on the tracker after each battle. Convergence battles must be won to advance.

Aftermath sequence.

I will put together the Campaign packet that has all the details.

You will need your Faction Cards. If you do not have cards let me know.



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King Orcthur’s Kwestin’ Khanigitz

Faction: Ironjawz
Quest: A Proper Scrap

King Orcthur and his Ironjawz Waaagh! smashed its way into the Eightpoints many seasons past, but a few of da King’s Khanigitz got lost on their way back to da big shiny portal that led back to da Kastle. These brave Kwestin’ Khanigitz have come to enjoy life in the Eightpoints well enough; it is a brutal place, filled with deadly monsters to hunt and an endless supply of painted humans to crush beneath their armored boots. Despite the constant, unrelenting violence, the ladz are becoming dangerously bored. So few of the opponents they have krump’d recently have provided any decent entertainment. If they don’t find a proper scrap soon, they might have to start krump’n each other.


Klaw Klawbite - Brute Boss with Boss Klaw and Brute Smasha (Leader) [ 250 Points ]


Thakko - Brute with Gore-Choppa [ 200 Points ]


Rolfur da Mage - Brute with Two Choppa [ 180 Points ]


Ravin’ Karvem - Brute with Two Choppa [ 180 Points ]


Donjon Masta - Brute with Two Choppa [ 180 Points ]

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18 hours ago, Inquisitor66 said:

GG still has a bunch of the faction cards, have you checked there?

I checked them, they all seem to be the 2nd wave of cards - so all stuff that came out post tome of champions, iirc.


Glad you got a pack, brog.  I *could* part with mine, but do have the models, etc, and would like to try them a couple more times.  

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