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Congrats Don, a real medal winner

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Hello there,


Thank you for all the kind words, they're appreciated... but I was just doing my job that day, like so many others.


On a side note:


*  2 squares of the new Realm of Battle board are almost finished... just static grass, flowers and matte varnish to go!

*  2 other squares are being started this weekend... primer and base coats hopefully done on Sunday

*  1000 point army list done and I have a game on Monday against the Astra Militarum (that's what IG is called now, right?)

*  on the painting table a Mawloc/Trygon is almost finished, as is a Devastator squad of my son's chapter

*  Necron monolith primed and basecoated, next up on the painting table


Looking forward to posting "available for gaming" for the week of the 19th after I figure out what days I'm available.


Hope everyone's doing well!


Stay safe,



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