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Traitor Leman Russ Punisher conversion, unpainted

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Sorry the photos are so blurry, I'll update sometime with in progress painting pics. I can't figure out how to delete the post.


I put quite a bit of work converting this already assembled $20 ebay tank. I just primed it, but C&C welcome. He'll count as Pask. I might swap out the heavy bolters for multimeltas or even magnetize. I plan to add a stubber too.


The gun is from Robogear.




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Thanks guys, I am painting this guy up fast and I'll probably finish tomorrow, and hopefully have some better pics soon.


The Forgefiend cannons would work really well. Funnily enough I used the Forgefiend plasma cannon arms to make 2 LR Executioners a while back. One I put on a turret, and the other I mounted on top with some wires and chaos flesh going on.

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