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Coming back, still Infinity?

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Hey, you guys might remember me from four years ago. I played Merovingia and PanO. We had to move away, but now we can move back, and I want to roll dice and paint minis. Can I rejoin you guys, if it's still going? Is there another game that has everyone's attention, or is everything dead with COVID? I see N4 is almost out. Is Raindog battling protesters every night?

Anyways I'm back hopefully in September, maybe October. Would love to jump back in.

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Well howdy!

The clubhouse was shut for most of the spring and early summer, what with the 'vid and all. It has recently reopened for some distanced, limited capacity game nights.  I haven't made it down to play just yet, but I did stop in to say hi to some of the Senators and scope things out this last week.  Definitely feeling the itch to play again.  Household restrictions make it tough.

I perused the C1 rules, and set them down and said "looks like I'll like N4".  So I'm psyched for next week(?)when the info starts dropping.  Glad to see you make your way back!  See you in the fall!


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I don't actually play all that much electronically these days, but i can definitely help you set up a game. Are you on the discord server?


I'm about to get slammed by work, so I won't have a huge amount of time in the near future, but I can help you get something sorted for you.

@ me on the discord server, and we'll see what happens.

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I'm so very very tempted to be making my way to the club to play but, man, I'm being cautious with the current... health issues going around. It's hard. Especially living with people who are more at risk as well as having a fairly high risk occupation, I don't feel right taking the risk spreading things or contracting something.

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