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Crowd Funded WW2 skirmish game


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Greetings and I hope I am not breaking any rules. An acquaintance of mine directed me here as you guys might find this to be of interest.


My name is Ivan and I'm a Portland indie wargames author of some skill and limited renown. Probably my most successful game is Fast And Dirty (FAD4)


I am working on a rather different WW2 miniatures game that I am hoping to raise some funds for.


Essentially, this will be a man to man combat game with the following characteristics:


Very quick and easy to play (no charts). 


Campaign rules where your figures develop skills as you play.


Can play player determined scenarios or generate troops and missions randomly.


A lot of narrative elements. A mission may be a routine patrol at the front or it may be a trip to check out a ruined farm house for buried wine bottles.



Initially, the game will cover the "big four" (Germans, Soviets, Americans, Commonwealth) and focus on Europe late war but depending on funding, I'd like to expand that as much as possible.


The game will work with any figures you have (I play in 15mm personally but it'd be well suited to play in larger scales, if you've been interested in delving into collecting a bit of WW2 stuff without going broke)


So if you are interested in a different kind of game, give it a look and I appreciate any support.


The rules are coming together at a decent pace, so backers get access to the beta immediately, which includes most of the combat rules and the preliminary campaign stuff.




A battle report from a backer here



I am more than happy to answer any questions here as well, of course.

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Combat rules are shaping up good, with a lot of little tweaks based on playtesting. The arsenal is pretty complete and there's rules for tasks, stealth, searching and persuasion as well.

The Force section has tables for Brit and German forces. (easy enough to adapt to USSR and Americans) Skills and specialist gear are done too (and quite a few more skills have been added, though we may still add more stuff).
The Campaign part is very skeletal but coming together. I haven't added the rules effects yet for things like campaign events, injuries and character backgrounds but take a look at whats there so far for a feel of what it'll look like.
Im going to start on the actual mission stuff tomorrow.
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The Force tables now include "the big four" (Americans, Germans, British and Soviets).


Campaign rules are shaping up quick. Some cool bits:


The personality (ambitions and backgrounds) of your men can influence the groups overall morale in various ways. 

Random events will occur, like getting a letter from home, sudden sickness or meeting new people. 

We even have some advice for solo gamers to help make their lives easier, or help direct a game while introducing it to a new player.

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