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Faction spread at Ordo

Sgt. Rock

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What it says on the tin. I'm curious what armies most of y'all play the most. I'm trying to decide on a second faction, and while I'm kind of keen on Necrons (and had all but settled on them before 9th was announced) the release of Indomitus and the subsequent starter boxes have caused a massive spike in new players. I know the shop I play at has half a dozen or so new Necron players, and I'm trying to move away from Marines to escape the mirror matches, not add to them again.

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I have Adeptus Custodes as my primary, with enough Imperial Fists and Death Guard to make a small army of either. Plus an old, long unused Deathwing army. But, to be honest, I’ve grown rather bored of both of those last three.

I think I’m going to stick with Custodes for the next year or two. Although the siren song of more plastic is always there... 

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For the first half of 8e I played T'au, then switched over to Evil Suns Orks. Heading into 9e, I'm planning on playing my new Primaris Imperial Fists as my main army though I could end up adding in some minimarines from my 3/4e force. I've also got an AdMech army on the backburner, where it'll probably stay for a long while.

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