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Ordo Blood Bowl 2 League Signups - Season 4

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Well then I'd like to sign up. I play rats in another league so I think I would want to try something different.  My Coach name for the game is Rhuell.

OK, I am closing signups as we have 16 teams.    We will do 2 divisions of 8 teams, round robin so 7 games then playoffs.  9 returning teams, 7 new.  So 1 team from upper will play in lower.

Teams/players in for season 4: @Burk - BB2 team name: Ho Ho Ho's - BB2 name: Burk @Weav - BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav @peter.cosgrove - BB2 Team Name: Blarg Bl

10 hours ago, Rhuell said:

@Burk, my Blood Bowl Coach name is Rhuell.  Going to try Undead for this league to see how the bashy teams do.  Team name "The Danse Macabres"

Catchup competition is set.  I sent you an invite.  Accept that and let me know when done. I will admin 3 games for you before the main competition.



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2 hours ago, SigurdBC said:

@Burk Created a new Nurgle Team for the league. Pestilential Powerhouses is the name. Team motto: Silent but Deadly. Beast of Nurgle on the team is Mr. French Kiss. Thanks Reddit!

Ticket sent to the catchup competition.  Please accept the ticket and let me know.  I will admin you a few games to get a headstart.

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