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OBB2L Season 4 Scheduling Thread

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Divisions are set.  Use this thread to schedule games.    Tickets have been sent.  Once all are accepted, we can start up season 4 ________________________________________________________________

to be fair, they were already dead - you just made them extra dead.  pretty sure the chain saw and fanatic ball bashed and cut them to pulp that game was a blast - gobbos are pretty nuts. i just

It wasn't actually fire related. It was construction on the apartments up the hill. They really screwed up our water lines, too, to the extent that we've had basically fountains in the middle of the s

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Division 2:

 @WestRider - BB2 team name: Tlaxtlan Panthers - BB2 name: WestRider   

   @scotthartman - BB2 team name: What the Devil - BB2 name: PajamaRed 

@SigurdBC  - BB2 team name: Pestilential Powerhouses - BB2 name: SigurdBC

@michaels - BB2 team name: Whiskey Collective - BB2 name: Michaels

@Rhuell - BB2 team name: The Danse Macabres - BB2 name: Rhuell

@Keith Amberg - BB2 team name: Nightmares to Assemble - BB2 name: Koach Keith

@Zorcon - BB2 team name: New Oxyl Patriots - BB2 name: Zorcon

@dylanator - BB2 team name: Need to Feed - BB2 name: Dylantor


Div 2 moved to week 4:



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5 hours ago, Keith Amberg said:

@WestRider when is good for you?

Not sure. Our internet has been out for a week. I'm on a neighbor's wifi now, but it's not a good enough connection for BB. It will hopefully be fixed today or tomorrow, but the chain of ridiculously improbable things that have gone wrong during the repair attempt so far* make me hesitant to try to schedule anything. I'll PM you when I have a solid connection again.

*Seriously, the repair guy was on the verge of tears by Friday with frustration at how many things are going wrong.

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On 10/18/2020 at 4:40 PM, Rhuell said:

@Zorcon when do you want to add to the ongoing death and destruction of the undead? I'm generally free most nights after 7:30/8:00 pm and can occasionally do a random lunch time around noon or so except for Mondays.  Weekend evenings work as well.

Very sorry for the late reply, I have had family health issues. I can do Thursday or Sunday evening.

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Round advanced

Division 1:

@Burk - BB2 team name: Ho Ho Ho's - BB2 name: Burk

@Weav - BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav

@peter.cosgrove - BB2 Team Name: Blarg Blarg Honk III- BB2 Name: CPTButchFlowers

@CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi - BB2 name: Elmdor

@Bosco - BB2 Team Name: Balloon-knot Bonanza - BB2 Name PDXBosco

@Spielmannsfluch -  BB2 team name:  Boring Dinos of Eastwood - BB2 name: Spielmannsfluch 

@Russell Castronovo - BB2 Team Name: Goretown Gutsquishers - BB2 Name Daxer777

@Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: Knights of the Stag - BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113




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