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Be Ordo Fanaticus again.

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I am disappointed in the community in general for their lack of support of other community members in this time where we can't gather as we might like.

It proves to me the importance of open and constant dialogue across political and social divides because obviously without the continued face to face interaction you have lost respect, tolerance and common decency towards your neighbors.

Eight months ago you would have defended a person's right to have another opinion that you disagreed with. Eight months ago you would have supported your neighbors and friends in times of difficulty and you have proven that you cannot handle diversity or freedom when you are stressed.

America is about a balance of fight and respect. I am not talking about physical confrontation but the ability to argue, share and express opinions and be able to weigh facts vs opinions in our diverse culture.

We build and play games with one another to exercise the conflicts in a noncontroversial setting with stakes that don't matter and relate to a wider collection of our fellow country-persons and know them as people, not their job, position in society or political beliefs.

I encourage you to be who you were, a community that transcends the things that continue to stress our relationships in the real world. What made this community great is what can make it great again.

Reach out to those you have wronged. Extend your kindness to the breaking point. You do not know others' circumstances or capabilities to cope with what we are going through as a community.

We all need help, be the solution, not part of the stupid conflict that diminishes us.

The benefits outweigh any effort you put in to be a part of your community. 

And who knows…you might learn something new.

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Maybe it's because I've made the deliberate choice not to join the Realm of Chaos sub-thread, but I haven't seen any divisiveness amongst the Ordo, certainly not intolerance... Well, other than in-joke type nerd stuff like the Blood Bowl players all hating on the Elf players, the WH40k players all hating on Space Marines, and @Koyote and myself feeling smugly superior to everyone that doesn't play Saga. But that's almost entirely meant in the spirit of friendly rivalry. (Mostly. Saga players actually are superior to the rest of you dirty peasants.)

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