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We play Malifaux 3E on Vassal. Have a 16+ player PNW league going. Join us.

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I used to play WH40k over Vassal quite a bit; It’s a very easy to use program, once you learn it... But like many independent, community-driven, free software projects the interface isn’t very intuitive and there’s a learning curve. But, once you grok it, it’s great.

The program’s real weakness is that it is purely 2D. Like paper chits on a paper map... So you’ll need to negotiate with your opponent things like building height and line of sight.

(It would be perfect for WHFB, but I was never able to find a module for it.)

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The vassal program for Faux is phenomenal. Easy to use and would be more than willing to show anyone the ropes. It is basically digital models, table, terrain, and cards. The terrain in the Faux version is all labeled for its height and game effects, so no issues there whatsoever. The difficult part is actually playing the game, if you know the rules and are familiar with the system, vassal is so easy. 

As much as I love playing on a tabletop in real life, vassal has provided a much needed outlet for my TT gaming. I absolutely love the program and play  multiple times a week because of it. 

Just thought I'd share. LMK if you ever wanna try @Yarbicus



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