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First of all, wanted to let you all know I still think of Ordo and all y'all did for me last year when I got diagnosed with cancer.  I was hoping to make OFCC this year and get back in now that my masters is done.

Anyway, I have tragic news to share.

A great member of the Seattle wargaming community, Tobin Lathrope, has been fighting his own cancer battle.  Sadly, he is now terminal and decided not to continue chemo.  I forget his handle here, but he was known in the Seattle 40k scene and its pretty rough.

Tobin has been a force of positivity in the scene for ages and its really upsetting.

Anyway, just passing the news on.



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9 hours ago, Weav said:

That's horribly sad, Tobin was a constant in the Seattle 40K scene when I was playing a lot. I even gave him ride home from TSHFT one year. Godspeed, brother.

Tobin was also one of the original attendees at the first 40k OFCC in 2005. I met him and Kevin Clements for the first time as they were walking up the street to WOW. As you say, horribly sad to hear this news. 😢

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