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Mcfarland Marine arrived!

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Was in a hobby funk and this guy struck my eye. Nice little palette cleaner. Grey rubbery plastic, about seven inches tall, generic bolter dude. Now the real question, what Chapter should I do? No bling whatsoever so Space Puppies, Black Templars and other doodad heavy chapters are out.

I have a soft spot for the second tier guys so I was thinking maybe Celestial Lions. That said, I don't have much gold experience and that's a LOT of ceramite. Could go Lamenters as well.

Any suggestions?

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Hard to go wrong with one of the “big four:” Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, or Ultramarines.  

But one of the chapters with a more complicated paint scheme might be neat too, like the Scythes of the Emperor or the Howling Griffons.

(I preordered the MacFarlane Toys’ Sister of Battle, but it looks like those won’t be shipping until January...)

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Whelp, that happened.

Just about pulled the trigger on a Lamenters scheme, I do love me some yellow. Searching up some cool weathering techniques for yellows and kept seeing some stellar Plague Marines....

So now he's all cut up and I'm doing a Plague Marine out of him. Quick and easy painting project turned into an extensive conversion. Actually, pretty par for the course. Will take pics later tonight when I get to a good stopping point.

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