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Tues 5/13

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Safe travels, Russ!


HERE! I don't want to play It's All About the Core, though. 100% venom thickets?! :sad:


Not sure if this is a jab at the number of venom thickets that will be on the board irrespective of mission, or not. :smile:  But just in case you're serious, Mr. Lucky sounds uninteresting to me for now - The random rerolls seem really powerful (and random), and I'd like to learn the new book under more "typical circumstances". How about we drop those two scenarios and roll randomly from the remaining three? Unless there's one of those you prefer, in which case I'd be game.

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Hey anyone available early for some epic X-wing?  I'm obsessed with these rebel transports and want to run "Mission Scenario #8".  It's played on a 4x3 with multiple transports needing to make the jump to hyperspace before 250 points of Imperial madness puts them down on the surface of Hoth for good.  


I need someone with a couple hours and "250 points of imperial madness", I have bombers, shuttles, etc if you need to borrow to make your dream team.


Let me know.


(Alternately I'm up for some team epic, or epic)

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