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Ordo BB2 League Season 5 Sheduling

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Sorry I missed this.  You are correct, I forgot to confirm the round.  Its done now...sorry.

Done. Saturday at 8 it is.

lets plan on 6 on wednesday....I will ping you if im avaialble earlier.  

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19 hours ago, scotthartman said:

@Burk I'm able to play Monday or Tuesday all day. Otherwise afternoon and early evenings the rest of the week

my schedule is in flux for a bit so likley can only play in early evenings for a few weeks.  how does a 6PM sound wednesday or thursday?

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2 hours ago, Rhuell said:

Hey - I’m still good for tonight, but with the extra hour of light my kids have had some difficult adjusting sleep schedules. Can we shoot for 7:30 start?

Man, I was kind of hoping you could play earlier. 🙂 I should be available at that time. Will see ya then.


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The rats take a devastating defeat to their more mutated underworld brethren. What looked like a potentially lucky run from a stripped ball in the first half turned into a pitch of stunned rats across the board allowing the stronger rats to move down the opposite side of the field unopposed.  

The second half then turned into a complete rout. Already down two players from injuries and KOs, the rats got within two squares of a touchdown multiple times but could not finish as the number of players on the pitch dwindling.  Several deaths of leveled players added to the punishment and the rats were only able to inflict a single KO on a goblin.

But inducements ahoy will come for the remaining games as the rats lost over 300 tv. After the game, between deaths and fired players for injuries that had stat reductions, the rats have gone from 14 players this season  to 8.



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On 3/16/2021 at 3:44 PM, Russell Castronovo said:



Heya,  When do you want to play our game?  Russ

Sorry, been AWOL on the boards and missed these messages. This weekend work for you? I can also do Monday during the day if that works better with a limited exception.

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Div 2 advanced: (div 1 should advance this weekend)

Division 2:

@Burk - BB2 team name: Toot N Colon (Khemri)- BB2 name: Burk

@Rhuell - BB2 team name: Warplock Ravagers (Skaven) - BB2 name: Rhuell

@michaels - BB2 Team Name:  Whiskey Collective (Underworld Denizens) - BB2 Name: Michaels

@Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: Crypt Walkerz (Necromantic)- BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113

@peter.cosgrove - BB2 Team Name: Blarg Blarg Honk III (Nurgle)- BB2 Name: CPTButchFlowers

@scotthartman - BB2 team name: The Peppermint Paddies (Elven Union) - BB2 name: PajamaRed

@SigurdBC  - BB2 team name: Pestilential Powerhouses (Nurgle) - BB2 name: SigurdBC

AI TEAM: Angry Shields (Norse)



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