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Ordo BB2 League Season 5 Sheduling

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Sorry I missed this.  You are correct, I forgot to confirm the round.  Its done now...sorry.

Done. Saturday at 8 it is.

lets plan on 6 on wednesday....I will ping you if im avaialble earlier.  

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11 hours ago, dylanator said:

Hey brother I'm working tomorrow but should be home at  decent time. We can try for 5ish or maybe later in the evening around 8. Let me know what your thoughts are

lets shot for 5 but I may have to do a short pause (10 mins) during.  any issue?

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Div 1 advances:  Russ what is your schedule?

Division 1:

@Burk - BB2 team name: Ho Ho Ho's (Dark Elves) - BB2 name: Burk

@Weav  BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans (Chaos) - BB2 name: Weav

@Russell Castronovo - BB2 Team Name: Goretown Gutsquishers (Orks) - BB2 Name Daxer777

@CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi (Chaos) - BB2 name: Elmdor

@Spielmannsfluch - BB2 Team Name:  Boring Dino's of Eastwood (Lizards) - BB2 Name:  Spielmannsfluch

@Bosco - BB2 Team Name: Balloon-knot Bonanza (Dwarfs) - BB2 Name PDXBosco

@dylanator - BB2 team name: Need to Feed (Chaos)- BB2 name: Dylantor

AI TEAM: Armoured Wanderers (Human)



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8 hours ago, Bosco said:

@dylanator looks like you've got dwarves to kill!

I'm free almost all day/evening tomorrow (Monday), most weekday evenings (except Thursdays) after 5:30pm, and weekends in general. What works for you?

Hey brother weekdays after 8 are generally good or weekends. Thus week is pretty busy but maybe we can try something for Wednesday or Friday. Just to make communication easier just toss me a text. I don't alway come to the form and check the messages. My number is

604 616 3134


Thanks boss

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