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WiseKensai's Heavy Gear Reports


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Well, I guess I'm doing these in addition to all my Infinity ones now... This is like my 4th game EVER of HGB, so the tactical discussion is pretty sparse. I'll keep improving the discussion as I get better at the game.

Grels are Good



Here's another one, in which I shoot down a Grizzly before it does anything important. That felt pretty good.

Grizzly Down


Well, the MHT-95 is a beast!

Sanding Down Talons


CEF is finally starting to click for me. Hovertanks are so cool!

Drop Bears and Bikes


Hoverbikes too OP? Let's find out!

Broken Bikes?


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Hi everyone, just wanted to drop a few links to some content that's being hosted on www.lumberingsprocket.com. Some of is written by me, but most of it has been written by @Zagdag! If you notice anything amiss or you'd like to suggest additions/changes, please let myself or Zagdag know! We'll be trying to post new content every Monday.

Getting Started with Heavy Gear: Blitz!



Understanding Profile Variants



Northern Forces: The United Mercantile Federation



Permission to Buzz the Tower: Air Support in HGB!


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