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Raindog's Rampage: Sunday. June 1st!

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Okaayyyyyy Gamers.  I found a weekend that is not Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, a Drill 

Weekend and the like. Let's Ramapage!


When: Sunday, June 1st. First Round is starts at 10 AM.


Where: WoW, 717 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon


Points: 2000! - Yes that is correct


Price: $5 for Ordo Warlords and Emperors, $10 for Everybody Else


Prize: A Sword for the Winner! - Yup a Freakin' Sword!


Number of Slots: 16 Players 


******The first to pay have reserved slots.




+10 For having your list in early.

+10 For having six copies of your list

+10 For Bringing Snacks and Drinks

+5 For bring the best snack!



Game Points:


+10 Points for a win, 

+7 For a Tie,

+5 for a Minor Loss, 

+3 Points for a Major Loss.


*Each game will have additional points for achievements in from the scenarios 





+10 Points for playing a completely painted and based army.

+10 Points for having the best painted army. 

+5 Points for having the best painted character model.

+5 Points for the best chariot, monster, or war machine.


*Determined by players’ vote.





+10 Points for being voted the favorite player. 


*The best sport is determined by player’s vote


*All ties is in placing will be decided by a character duel.





1. Kill Mr. Lucky


He's the magic man. He's your rabbit's foot. With him losses, turn to wins. He's Mr. Lucky.


Pick one champion from your army. That champion is Mr. Lucky. As long as Mr. Lucky is alive, he grants the following:


1) Mr. Lucky grants one D6 re-roll per phase per each player's turn!  


2)In the movement phase, he can re-roll and compulsory move or a charge or flee roll. 


3) In your magic phase, he can re-roll one of the dice to determine the amount of power dice or one of the sixes that would cause a miscast. In the shooting phase it could re-roll the number of wounds a cannon would cause or single wound roll. 


4) Furthermore, Mr. Lucky allows the controlling player to attempt to channel a power or dispel dice.


If you do not have a champion, you can't take Mr. Lucky. 


Other Rules:

The Game is battle line.



1) All Forests are Wildwoods. (pg. 119)

2) All Rivers are Raging Torrents. (pg. 120) 


Bonus Points


If you kill your opponent's Mr. Lucky, you receive four tournament points. 

If you keep your Mr. Luck alive to the end of the game, you are awarded six tournament points!



2. The Traveling Tower


This is a Watch Tower Scenario with the following exceptions:


1. The Tower Moves!

At the start of each turn, roll the artillery and scatter dice to determine the distance and direction the tower moves. If the tower hits a unit, friend or foe, the tower inflicts d6+4 S10 hits. If the tower hits any terrain other than a hill or an obstacle, the unit inside the tower takes d6 +4 S10 Hits. 


*The table edge is counted as a piece of terrain.

**Treat the tower as a vortex when it hit units. 


2. The person who hold the tower does not immediately win the game. The winner is determined by victory points.



1) All Swamps are Mist Wreathed Swamps. (pg. 121)


2) All Ruins, Pillars, Obelisks, States or Monuments are Magic Circles .(pg. 125)




The side holding the tower at the end of the game receives 5 bonus points. 

The side with most models killed by the tower received 5 bonus points. Please keep track as the game progresses.




4.  Blood and Glory and Monsters, Oh My!



Two armies meet for ultimate glory on the field of battle using the Blood and Glory rules from page 148 of the BRB with the additional rules:


1) Any unit that is a “Monster” per the BRB (page 106) adds +1 to the army's Fortitude.



2)  Each army's Breaking Point is 3. When an army reaches 3 fortitude. The game is over!



Special Terrain:


1) All Mystical Monuments are Bane Stones. (pg. 124)


2) All Hills are Scree Slopes. (pg. 118).


Bonus Points:


One point is awarded for each point of Fortitude an army earns.


*For a maximum of ten points


4) King of the Hill


The Vanguard of two great armies fight for the high ground.



Place one large hill in the center of the table. This is the hill the two armies will be fighting to possess. 


Special Terrain:


1. All Marshes are Khemri Quicksand. (pg. 121). 

2. The hill in the center of the table is a Temple of Skulls. (pg. 118).


Bonus Points:


Each friendly unit on top of the hill at the end of the game is worth one tournament point.


Each friendly hero on top of the hill at the end of the game is worth one point.


Each friendly standard, not including the BSB, on top of the hill is worth one point.


The side with the most models on top of the hill is awarded 5 points

*Bonus points cap at 10

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