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spider-man 2

Brother Glacius

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Wow, this is a tough one to review. If you just sit and watch it, with your brain turned off, it is probably a 7, maybe even an 8. But as soon as you start to reflect on the movie, then it drops to about a 5. I can safely say that after the first Amazing Spider-Man, I was hyped to see this one. I am not so hyped to see SM3.


They have a great spider-man. Garfield was awesome. The story and places they took it...not so great.

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I thought it was an OK movie until the last half hour or so.  Obviously, the buildup was there, and I felt Electro was almost a throw away villain.  When I heard a reviewer say that he could have been discharged (no pun intended) and not changed the film much, it was very true.  However, much like say, Iron Man 3, the movie should have been titled Peter Parker with the occasional Spider Man.  

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To be honest, I am not a fan of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  The first Amazing Spider Man was not bad; I enjoyed the effects and was honestly happy to see them cover a new villain instead of the Goblin who is iconic but now pretty trite.  The problem is that Garfield is much to hip and happenin' to be Peter Parker.  Toby McGuire managed that *so* much better.  (No arguing, however, that Spiderman 3 sucked rocks.  McGwire sucked as Venom.)

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