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Kings of War Vanguard thoughts


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During the last year of the pandemic I've been playing some games of Deadzone with the family.  While picking up some models I've been looking at Kings of War and Vanguard.  I like some of the sculpts and I've been thinking of picking up the game.  I'm not sure if I have the time to invest in another big army game but I've been looking at the Vanguards starter set

.  Just wondering if anyone had an opinion on the smaller scale game and if its being played much in the area.  The starter sets seem like a good way to start for either game, is that the case?






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@Damunky ran a handful of games of Vanguard before the plague shut us down. He let me borrow a copy of his rulebook for it and the game is a pretty solid fantasy skirmish system.

I generally prefer Frostgrave, it’s a question of which is better really good pizza or a really good cheeseburger... I like them both and will happily eat whichever I’m served. There’s also several people in the Ordo that are into good old Mordheim... 

One nice thing about the three is that, unless you’re a real stickler for brand loyalty, a warband built for any of the three can usually be ported over to one of the others without much hassle.


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I know the feeling of buying a new game to start a project but not getting around to actually playing it.  At least with skirmish games I'm not planning on building massive armies and having another crate of plastic on my desk for months.  I really like Frostgrave,  so I don't really need another fantasy skirmish game.  Frostgrave is fun with two players with a good scenario but I think having another player or two mitigates the wild swings of dice rolls.  Every combat could go either way with a good roll so it evens out the playing field. Its fun with two players but when I actually want a more tactical force on force game the units don't stand out enough.  Vanguard has exploding dice which adds that element of crazy stuff can happen also.

Is the Vanguard starter set a good way to go?  Are the forces most of what I want for an occasional game or will I still need to pick up unit boxes that make me get more grunts than I will use?  Or spend a few dollars more for two faction boxes and rules?  With the thought of probably playing occasionally.  Thanks for feedback.



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