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Zenian League Escort restrictions?


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Hey All,


Perhaps someone can clear up something for me. When a capital ship can take escorts, specifically "0-3 Zenian League Escorts" Does that have a restriction to only frigates? or can i choose large capital and medium capital ships as well? I want to take a few Ba'Kash Heavy Cruisers to accompany my Relthoza Carrier, but i'm not sure if i can do this. I've been scouring the net and the book for answers and specifics, but to no avail. 


Thanks for the help in advance!



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I think you should confirm this on the Spartan Games forum, but unless it states another ship class such as Cruiser or Frigate the Accompaniment is ALWAYS "escort class".  Meaning the ship class is "Escort", nothing else.  Since there are multiple factions in the Zenian League, "Zenian League Escorts" would meany any escort class ship of any of the Zenian League factions, opposed to a Rethoza escort class.

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