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Treeman spam list.

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Ya, dual ancients was a possibility.  Although I'd have a wasted level 2 life magic and no level 4 Shadow magic, and I like the synergy of the Shadow Magic with the Eternal Guard or the Deepwood Scouts. Also I'd be out a Dispel Scroll and the units of Deepwood Scouts to 10 man each. 

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Honestly, if you went with another ancient, you could get all life spells and have 2 lords capable of putting wounds back on themselves or to where they are needed.

Ya, that is one way to go.  It's probably a good alternative.  I think the Shadow Magic w/ Dispel Scroll gives more useful possibilities though.



That list gives me a w........ never mind. 

You dwarfs and your axes.  Always thinking about wood...

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I refuse to look at your list because you are making me download crap. Therefore it is a terrible and you should be ashamed for making it. :biggrin:

I'm pretty lazy. I use an excel program to create basic lists and copy paste just made it all jumbled. So I created a pdf file.

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