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Mantic Games Armada

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Maybe it’s nostalgia and my love of GW Man o War but I like the look of Mantics new ship game Armada. This first appeared late last year and I’ve been slowly watching its development. I love the scale of the ships and the less record keeping that MOW required. Has anyone else taken a peek at this game or possibly tried it out? Thoughts?

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Warlord Games is actually selling stuff from Armada for 50% off. It seemed too pricey for my tastes for the number of ships you got and the size of them. I guess I got spoiled by Dystopian Wars. They finally got a new edition now that they are under Wayland Games and it looks good...plus, new plastic fleets.

But to actually answer your question, I've glanced at it, but that was about it. I didn't like the price point so never invested further. I hear it shares the same ruleset as one of the sailing games from Warlord, hence them carrying the product.

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I love naval combat games, be they sailing ships or starships, but I’m always reluctant to buy in on them. So many of them in the past saw me jump in to the tune of hundreds of dollars, get played for two months, and then nothing as the rest of the local community returned to WH40k...

I do love that they have an optional pack of cards to let you use Black Seas Ships in Armada.

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