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Road Trippin! What must I stop and see?


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So between Oregon and Arkansas what are the must see stops? If there is enough time on the return trip I plan to check out the Grand Tetons, but I am sure there are other "must see" things on the road.

Ill be passing through the following:


Eastern Oregon 







Arkansas (Siloam Springs)

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Depending on how close you get to northern New Mexico you should check out Bandelier National Monument. It is what remains of an amazing Pueblo Indian city that was built alongside/into a mesa. Some of the ladders up to the caves, mainly the large ceremonial cave, are tall and require some nerve to reach the top but it's worth it.

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Go anyways, it's worth every minute...

This is really weird.  One of the people I grew up with was from Toadsuck.  What an incredibly small world.  


As to your specific suggestion, I think you should make time to see Yellowstone.  It's an amazing place.  Craters of the Moon in Idaho I also thought was fascinating.  


Dodge City in KS is great, very touristy (or was in the 80s, probably more so now), but fun cowboy stuff awaits there.

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Hey! That sounds pretty much like our drive to Kentucky. We went to Mena Arkansas, and then through Little Rock, into TN and up into Bowling Green (home of the corvette museum...and sink holes) on our way to Lexington last fall. Sadly, we drove through that terrible flooding in WY and CO. So glad we got through that safely. The rain didn't let up until we were nearly to Kansas City. It started in Utah. Was sad to miss out on so many great camping and hiking spots.

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