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Studio Workshop - How to: Use Oil Washes

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Welcome back to the Studio Workshop!
Thanks for joining us for another video.  This week we're covering how to use oil paints to use as washes for your miniatures.  Because of their nature, oil washes can be cleaned up or even totally removed from a miniature even after they're dried completely!  This gives us as painters a great deal of control over our washes that simply isn't possible with standard acrylic washes or inks.
We hope you enjoy the video and apologize for the slightly out of focus portions of the videos.  We strive to shoot only the best quality footage, but kinda fell short on this one.  
Keep an eye out for next week's video on using watercolor paints as washes!  They have many of the same advantages of oil paints but don't require the use of smelly or harsh mineral spirits to clean up.
Enjoy and don't hesitate to like, comment and share this video.  We really appreciate your support!
Until next time, get your Game Face on!

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