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7 hours ago, scottshoemaker said:

Yes.  Filament (FDM) printing doesn't do a good job capturing the small detail required on minis.  I do both filament and resin.  FDM is great for structural prints and has excellent strength.  Resin is very similar traditional cast resin, it can be delicate where the parts are fine.  We could always just do one mini so can see if you like the quality.

I quote rather have a set price because it's the labor to prep the files that takes time.  If STL files are unsupported, I have to create the supports and verify it works. If the files are presupported I still have to verify they are appropriate. I'm finishing up a commission and I discovered the presupported files were not only inadequate and were giving me a near total print failure rate, but they were inappropriately placed so as to interfere with detail and left visible connection scars.


Just PM me and we can work out the details.

Awesome. Thanks. I'll try and research as much of that info as I can in the meantime. 


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Firstly I'd like to thank my clients who have graciously let me print for them. I've been getting a wide variety of models to work with and have learned quite a bit.

The biggest thing I've learned is that most of the presupported models I've looked at are really inadequate.  Every presupported model I've handled has at least required augmentation, and in several cases abandoned and I've requested the unsupported model to start from scratch.

What does this mean for you? 

When buying models try to get packages that have both unsupported and presupported STLs. Sometimes you have to choose, and in that case go with whatever you prefer.  When supplying me with models I prefer to be supplied the unsupported STL so I can prep the file adequately.  When I'm supplied a presupported model, I will still process the model to augment the supports as necessary.

Why so concerned about the supports?

The first point is that for every print failure due to a support issue it means a rework of the file, as well as the lost time for the voided print and the cleanup.  Printing the same file multiple time means lost machine time, which means you have to wait longer for your minis! No-one wants to wait, right?

More importantly, sometimes the presupported file is oriented so that the support points are right in the middle of detail, or in a visible location.  Sometimes this is unavoidable, however it's my job to provide the nicest looking model possible.  You wouldn't like a sprue point in the middle of your characters face from a GW model, so you shouldn't have to deal with one here.

If you've sent me presupported models it's ok, I can work with them to a certain degree.  They do have certain limitations however.




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31 minutes ago, Kelharis said:

Out of curiosity, do you have any experience in resizing STLs? I'm interested in doing some 15mm Blood Bowl for portability.

Generally it's pretty forgiving on resin, not so much on filament.  Just know you might lose detail.  I would also recommend resupporting the resized stl.  Don't resize supports.

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Last few pictures are prints Scott did for me. Great quality, great service.

I'm excited to talk to Scott about the next project as soon as I catch up. I saw some awesome rocks above and want to get some redwood style trees for a less industrial terrain. It's awesome knowing that I can rely on Scott for quality printing.

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