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3 minutes ago, Andrewgeddon said:

@scottshoemaker are you able / willing to do larger printing commissions? I have a bunch of STLs from One Page Rules and I'm looking at having ~50 minis printed out from it for starters, including 3 monsters. Thought I would check here before I went to Etsy 🙂

Yup, My only limits are my build plate size and your patience.

Quotes are based on the amount of prep work the models require for printing. If someone wanted 50 unique minis that each required an hour prep, that will quote out more than 3 models requiring 20mins prep 50 times.

DM me for pricing. 

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21 minutes ago, jollyork said:

do you have a Gallery of prints for people future buyers to peruse and shop from? 

"I don’t provide files that aren’t made by me.  Customers must provide them to me, as I’m only a printing service. There are legal issues at play that I can’t be involved in."

At some point I'll have a portfolio of past work as examples, but I can't offer a catalog of things to print.

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