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So Copplestone Castings’ Horse Tribe are basically just Tolkien’s Rohirim… and I love the Rohirim. In Warmaster, I’m thinking they’d work pretty well as stand ins for the Kislev rules:

Horse Tribe Cavalry and Horse Tribe Royal Cavalry (the only real difference is that one has feathers attached to their helmets) as Winged Lancers and Cossacks; use the Horse Tribe Horse Archers as Horse Archers.

Horse Tribe Foot Archers as Bowmen  and Horse Tribe Infantry as Axemen (yeah, I know the models have spears but that shouldn’t be a big problem, right?)

So here’s my rough draft of a Kislev, 1000 points list, for Warmaster Revolution


 400 - 4 x Winged Lancers

 150 - 2 x Horse Archers

 110 - 2 x Bowmen

  90 - 2 x Axemen

 125 - 1 x General

  80 - 1 x Hero

  45 - 1 x Shaman


1000 Points

Oathmark cavalry models are meant to be single 28 mm scale models on 25 x 50 mm bases; Warmaster cavalry are on 20 x 40 mm bases… which is close enough to use them on a one to one basis, I just need to kitbash some movement trays to hold them with the proper spacing. Easy.

Oathmark infantry models are meant to be single 28 mm scale models on 25 x 25 mm bases; Warmaster infantry are on 40 x 20 mm bases. I’ve already got movement trays meant to hold 20 x 20 mm based miniatures for Oathmark, so I’ll just use two 20 x 20 mm bases for each Warmaster stand like I said earlier. 

Very, very, very roughly I’m looking at the following for Oathmark using the above models. This actually leaves me with a couple of “redundant” stands: 


450 - 10 x Human Cavalry 

120 - 5 x Human Mounted Rangers

120 - 10 x Human Archers

130 - 10 x Human Spearmen

155 - 1 x Human Captain on Horse


975 Points

I’m looking at roughly $80 USD, plus shipping for this. Not bad.

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Hello! Jason and I played an exciting game of Warmaster Revolutions this past Saturday. 1,000 pts Araby vs. Bretonnia. We decided to do a random scenario per Paul Winter's tournament pack (https://www.blackgateminiatures.com/warmaster-revolutions-resources/) and rolled "Scenario 4: Battle for the Tower". Araby had the early lead with a move of light infantry and cavalry to the "tower" (the windmill, but the light infantry couldn't resist a furious counterattack led by mounted Squires and followed by a solid contingent of Men-At-Arms & Archers, who took over the objective, albeit contested by nearby Araby Knights. The casualties were terrible! With scenario points tied 3 vs. 3, the outcome of the whole battle came down to the Battle of the Hill, fought between a very tired Elephant against well-worn Pegasus Knights & Hero. With both the Elephant and Pegasus Knights succumbing to their wounds, both armies broke simultaneously, giving each +4 scenario points and ending the game on a draw! 

Araby 1000.JPG

Araby turn 1 end.JPG

Battle for the Hill.JPG

Bretonnia 1000.JPG

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33 minutes ago, offroadfury said:

Awesome report man! There’s a good grudge happening between your two forces! Gorgeous little armies too!

I have about half my Norse already, the others are on their way from excellent minis but being international shipping who knows when lol

I think my UK minis took about a month in the spring. Jason and I were brainstorming which armies would be naturally suited to the Tower scenario - I think that your Huscarls would have done very 👍

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So my order from Russia was considered lost some time ago; Ordered in April, and after dealing with the post office and fighting with a very unaccommodating seller, I was able to get a refund. Discouraged, I decided to throw some paint the models I HAD received from a US seller (WIP here), only to have Instagram assure me that my prints were kinda bad.


Discouraged, I did the only reasonable thing... placed a large order through Excellent Miniatures. I've heard good things, I'll report once I get them in.

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1 hour ago, offroadfury said:

Bummer, hope you got your money back!

did you buy one of the Excellent Minis army deals?

Yeah, PayPal refunded me. I knew they would, but it was too bad I couldn't figure out some compromise with the seller, since he just chose to be obstinate.

I thought about going with an army deal, but since I already have a bunch of Zombies / Skeletons, I decided to use them (for now at least, even if they aren't the best quality) and fill in the other gaps in my army. 

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