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BB3 closed beta registration

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  • 2 weeks later...

I qualified and downloaded it last night.  Would not have happened without @CountElmdor letting me know.  He's a gentleman and a scholar and there's not many of us left.

My first impressions of the beta:

1 - I may have an older laptop, but even on the low settings the thing is laggy.  It feels like I am running through sand wearing ill fitting flip flops and bell bottoms while hauling an uneven backpack flopping around and I forgot my sun hat.  This will probably get better, but at this point, it discourages me from playing more.

2 - I *hate* having to click "ok" to confirm every move.  I know there may have been issues with misclicks in previous games, but this reminds me of the "are you sure?" every time crap you had with Vista.  Annoying.

3 - The forced diagonal view is frustrating to my tiny lizard brain, and I am generally good at spacial recognition.  I really like to view the field plumb, from my perspective and allow zoom and top down.  Yes, this will probably be fixed, but for now, it's annoying and makes the game more like a job than fun.


I have no comments on the new rules or gameplay as it is too early and I started playing late last night.

I will advise.


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