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Summer of the Artificier Miniature Painting Challenge

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Hey guys! I am launching a summer painting challenge here on the Ordo Fanaticus forums. It is open to everyone.

The purpose of this challenge is to set goals and get work done. All you have to do each month is to share a goal of what you would like to get painted each month and them post progress and report on what you got done. The goals are really open and flexible. For example you could paint one mini a day, finish a box set, paint a whole army. Just choose something that you really would like to get done. And the results are whatever you get done. The minimum requirement is pictures but blogs, tutorials, narratives, in game shots, etc. are great ways to share as well.

This challenge is going to be run in three rounds June, July, and August. At the end of the three months there will be voting for some bragging rights titles (such as most improved, most industrious, best summer mini, and more tbd.) Everyone who participates by posting a goal and results each month will be entered into a prize drawing.

I will be starting a separate thread for June in the Artificers Forge for you to all post your goals and results for the month.

For the good of the Order, Jay

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Thanks for putting this up, Jay! For the good of the order indeed.

Now, if only someone I knew had dozens of tanks, infinity, spaceships(ABS), and even lingering 40K models that could really use paint... whoever that is, I hope they might also have a collection of various terrain for said games... Sounds like a really good way for such a person to get stuff done! I'll tell them when I see them! 🙂 

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Salty Soviet



RobynMM 1

Ish 1

andy 1


scotthartman 1

Andrewgeddon 1

ninefinger 1

Tallarn Commander 1


Salty Monkey 1

If you have a 1 buy your name it means you have shared progress. If you do not try to do so soon. I will be locking the June thread in two days. 

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