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Summer of the Artificier June Progress Thread

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On 6/15/2021 at 5:43 AM, ninefinger said:

he says in the second post of the thread....



I'm setting the goal of getting a 7s team built and painted for the upcoming blood bowl league.  Box of Necromantic Horrors arrived yesterday, so i'll be hoping to assemble and prime them tonight at GN



8 models assembled, plus reroll markers and turn markers.   Everything magnetized, for transport and play, including a pair of balls.  

filled in the slotta bases with green stuff, and will add some gravel texture before the end.

Priming and painting as much as I can this weekend.

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I've been dealing with pneumonia since last week, so I haven't felt much like hobbying, but I have starting to turn the corner and feel better, so hopefully I can knock at least some of my goals out before July! 

Finished my Emperor's Children Obliterator, or at least calling him good for now. Was a lot of fun to paint, and I must be some kind of sadomasochist because I'm looking forward to painting the other two for the unit!



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