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Possible Maybe Daemon list

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Kinda considering this list.

Great Unclean One  lvl3 Nurgle                   445
Herald: BSB, lvl1 Death, Greater Loci (regen)    195
Herald: Palanquin, Greater Loci (regen)          185

24 Plaguebearers: Full Command                   341
26 Plaguebearers: Full Command                   369

4 Beasts of Nurgle:                              240
7 Chaos Furies:                                   84
7 Plaguehounds (er... fleshhounds)               210

3 Plague Drones: Musician, Plague Proboscis:     190
3 Plague Drones: Musician, Plague Proboscis:     190

1 Toad Dragon                                    350

Total:                                          2799

Or I could do dwarfs if some one paints them for me! :tongue:







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