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Death Zone

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I'm curious if coaches have played around much with the rules for special stadiums, seasonal weather tables and the various other conditions in the death zone rulebook. I really like the idea of greater world-immersion and change ups. Part of why I'm on hiatus from blood bowl is because it had gotten a bit too predictable and repetitive. I think a league using the full range of options sounds like a great re entry. Anyone know if sponsored tournaments plan on doing this?

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Most online leagues won't have these features enabled in bb3 (assuming cyanide can actually code them in). I doubt the NAF would have anything that swings the game in favor of one team or the other. See: wizards.

I've only got the core rulebook but the optional points system was horribly unbalanced so I opted to not use it. I imagine special balls/stadiums/cards are also the same. Adding this stuff moves it from "competitive strategy game" to "beer & pretzels", imo. Weav & Bryan Tew usually have special play cards at their tourneys that are balanced really well & don't make a huge impact on the game state, but that's the closest I've seen to the optional stuff working well in the game. 

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