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paint for my armies


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Hello all, I started painting my wife and my armies this week. I asked the guy at the games workshop how far the pots of paint go. He said they go a long way. Well he was wrong lol. I'm using an airbrush so I'm blowing through paint. I'm hoping to find a cheaper alternative. I was told to use hobby acrylic paint from micheals. Or spray paints made for plastic. What do you all use? And how do it do?

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Artificers Forge in Excess Fanaticus is the better place for this question. I'm sure a mod will relocate it once the sun comes up in PacNW.


I don't use a spray gun, but if I did, I would not be using GW except when I use doing detail work with a brush, for the very reasons you mention. I'm pretty sure we have a few Ordites who use a gun, though, and I'm sure they'll have a ton of info to offer.


Welcome to the club, by the way. :)

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So a good go to is the Minitaire airbrush paint. You will have major issues if you use craft paint. The thinning down process is a lot of work. However, if you do go that route I recommend thinning with Windex. Also beware that craft paint will clog more easily in your airbrush (speaking from experience). Having a sonic cleaner will help between uses. 

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P3 paint is a pretty good value for your money as well.  They thin down extremely well, have fantastic color strength, and are pretty durable when dry.

Craft paints are difficult to work with unless you're using a .3 mm or larger tip, then they're doable.  You just have to thing them down a ton with an acrylic medium and then apply really thin coats.
Personally I wouldn't use Windex unless you've got a respirator or some really good ventilation as it's actually pretty bad to breath.  Use an airbrush medium or distilled water instead.

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