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[W] Tallarn, WFB plastic Tomb Guard, misc; [H] Tallarn and much more


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Good day folks,

I am looking for a few select things which are a tad more pressing than the items on my existing trade list

I want:

40K Tallarn -

1 Lascannon team (2 models, the weapon is not necessary) 

1 Meltagunner 

1 Sergeant w/ autopistol

WFB Tomb Kings -

1 plastic Tomb Guard (preferably unassembled, but I'll take any non-command complete model)

AOS Slaanesh -

6 Blissbarb Archers that are holding hand weapons

Bitz -

40K IG heavy weapon team Binoculars (maybe a shovel or three as well from that set)

AOS Slaanesh Slickblade Seeker leader Crested Head


Trading my:

40K Tallarn -

2 painted Mortar teams

1 painted Heavy Bolter team

AOS Slaanesh -

2 Symbaresh/Myrmidesh models on sprue

And more items for trade here: 


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