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Dwarf questions

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So, I've been reading the new dwarf book, and enjoying it.  And Mojoslayer has graciously offered to let me play his dwarf army for the Rampage, which I greatly appreciate.  Finally, I've been finding myself really drawn to the new models, in particular the irondrakes, and ironbreakers.  This is all very weird to me, as I've never given a second thought to dwarves before.  I feel this strange pull....


So, from experienced dwarf players, how fun are they to play and build?  Should I resist this pull, or go with it?

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Dwarfs are as stubborn and relentless as they come. You can try to resist, as one could try to resist an avalanche.


I've always loved dwarves. They're the army that finally got me into this game, the urging of my friends was not enough. That said, I've grown bored with the books of previous editions. They just didn't have enough build varieties to get the same sort of mileage out of those books as you would with another army.


But this new book has totally rekindled my love of the stunties. Almost everything in that book is viable if you want to play competitively, and they have a variety of play styles now. I prefer to play mobile dwarves with with lots of vanguard and ambush. They're no longer just a gunline.


As a hobby project, they're a challenge--but a rewarding one. The new kits have a pretty incredible level of detail and I'm kind of afraid to get started on them. The gyrocopter is a lot of fun to assemble and convert. So many parts!

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Here are the models I like and would want to own. Can these be made into a viable army? And by viable I mean competitive enough to win 50%?








All the artillery


Basically, I don't much care for the unarmored models, ie basic warriors and the riflemen/crossbowmen. I gravitate to the steel clad dwarfs.

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Yes those models can be made into an army. The Dwarf army I'm currently building consists of multiple units of Long Beards, Ironbreakers, Irondrakes, Gyros, and artillery. I think GW really screwed up by not updating the basic warrior to bring them inline with the new figs!

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