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Team Yankee Rules Question


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I've just started actually playing a few games of TY and it's been a blast! I have a few rule questions and some British related questions.

  1. Are helicopters considered moving when they appear on the table from loitering? I'm trying to figure out if a Lynx can fire tow when they get to the board
  2. When playing on a map as a defender and with British airmobile, can the infantry start on the board inside buildings and not have to arrive in transports? 
  3. Can Lynx transports drop off, loiter, then come back to transport infantry to another part of the board?
  4. Is an airmobile company list competitive?
  5. I've also heard that milan spam is no longer a thing since the new edition. Why is that?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for not seeing this earlier.

1 Helicopters and anything from reserves count as moving So no missle fire unless you a Hind (soviet) or planes yY

2. You can always have them on foot. Then call back the transports later. In the movement step, air or ground vehicles.

3. see number 2

4. I run airmoble mixed with 432's and they have yet to lose a game 7/7

5. Milans are still very good.They no have some models that can ignore them like T80 etc. I try to always bring some chieftans to support an object or push an attack. I have been playing a full chieftan formation w 3 platoon and a full airmobile. They compliment each other nicely.

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