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Bolt action players ???

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1 hour ago, Norrad said:

I’m not really interested in Bolt Action. Being in the military I guess WWII is too close to home. Konflikt 47 on the other hand looks really cool and uses the Bolt Action engine. I’d play that. 

I find Konflict 47 more interesting than Bolt Action, mostly because it’s divorced from the timeline of the actual war.

One of the big stumbling blocks for me and WWII gaming is that there is such a drastic difference in technology, weaponry, tactics, and factions depending on which portion of the war (not to mention which theater) you choose to play in. The Polish parachute regiments that jumped into Operation: Market Garden might as well have been alien space elves compared to the Polish army that fought against the Blitz five years earlier… 

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@ish I don't really think that is true. The only time you have massive tech issues in BA is with armor. But in most formations that is so limited that it would not be hard at all to make sure you and your opponent were on the same page. That is one of the big reasons I love BA, for the most part, anything you can have, I can have. Now if you want to play some really obscure unit that has very limited armaments, then you just need to make sure your opponent understands that.

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