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Senate Meeting and Elections - 10/2 - 1:00

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Greetings Ordo


We'll be holding a Senate Meeting this weekend, and as always, any club members are welcome to attend.  Main order of business will be holding Senate and Officer elections for the upcoming year.  We have been holding the majority of our meetings over the last year via Zoom or other teleconferencing, but we are going to attempt to hold an outdoor, socially distanced, in-person meeting for this one.  @ninefinger has offered his backyard in the Parkrose neighborhood as a venue, and we will attempt to also broadcast via a zoom meeting.

To avoid bots that scrape forums for data, i'm going to avoid publicly posting my address or the zoom link, but if you're interested in either - send me or any of our current senators a private message and we'll gladly get you that information.


for the good of the order


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