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TSHFT invitational


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Game 1 was vs Matt Lewis and his 3 Knights (at 1500 pts!).  Matt went on to either win or get second place, can't remember.  This was the only game he lost and the only game I won that felt good.






The game swung in my favor on turn 2 when I assaulted a knight with my blob and killed it with meltabombs.  The resulting explosion wiped out the blob, but Yarrick stood up after it.




Game 2 was vs Darrell Parks and his melee-focused Chaos Marines.  I had a really good shot against him, but forgot about the priest powers.  It ended up being really close (he grabbed the relic on the bottom of the last turn)





Game 3 was vs Ben Schmoller (MrMoreTanks) and his White Scars.  Ben played Matt in the last round to determine the winner of the event.  


This game, the mission special rules completely screwed me.  Ben got to redeploy some of my models and I got to redeploy two of his for every one of mine he did.  Problem was that as a biker list, he didn't really care about being re-deployed and I started the game with my melee blob and Yarrick off the table.  He proceeded to gut me even though I did a ton of damage to him and he only had like 7 bikers and Khan and the techmarine from the thunderfire left at the end of the game, but because the mission was kill points it was a ridiculous slaughter in his favor. 






Game 4 was against Sean Morgan (aka AbusePuppy from 3++ is the New Black).  


I didn't get any pictures of the game because I was super tired.  Sean had serpent spam + knight.  The game fell apart for me when I was trying to assault the knight but I failed to get into coherency after being shot up and then had to run and so couldn't charge.  The only highlight for me was killing his Warlord in one shot with a meltagun!  :D  


Game 5 was against Mathew Lawson and his Space Wolves/Space Marines list.  I should've done really well against him, given the mission type and our compared lists, but I made a critical error in my deployment.





Do you see it?  That tiny hole in the middle of my army that's JUUUUUUST big enough for a drop pod and 10 grey hunters to show up with flamers???






He proceeded to wipe me out wholesale and I rolled poorly on top of it.  I conceded at the bottom of turn 2 when I had just lost my combat blob and had no prayer.  


Game 6 I played against Kyle with Space Wolves and this game was basically just me kicking Kyle's teeth in.  





Kyle conceded at the top of 3 after I'd killed all his scoring units.  It was a bad matchup for him with a bad mission and bad deployment and just...well...bad...  


Overall, I was happy that I went.  My poor performance was mostly just my massively eroded skills at 40k and one instance of a terrible mission (though, to be fair, Ben would've probably beaten me anyway).  I didn't have a problem with any of the armies that I was facing, I feel I had the tools to defeat them, I just don't have the acumen anymore.


I'm really looking forward to 7th edition and being on the same level as everyone else for a while.  :D  


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Yeah, the terrain for the event was quite solid and the game mats were very cool-looking. I know at least a couple of folks bought one after the event, and I'll likely grab one at some point as well.


It was good to get a game in against you, fluger, though perhaps something a little more fair would have been better for both of us. (Wave Serpents are stupid. :P ) And yeah, the Space Jam 40K tertiary (the redeployment one) was... really, really dumb. Used properly, it basically could guarantee a win and there was no meaningful way to play around it or prepare for it. I was also pretty ticked off about Retreat, as I essentially got screwed out of 7BP by it over the course of the tournament and, like Space Jam, there was literally nothing I could have done to change that.

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Little factual correction; I actually beat Matt and won the whole thing.


I wish we could have gotten a game in; I really like that Guard army you're running.

My mistake!  


Now I feel worse!  :(  


Yeah, I would've loved to get more games in.  There's just never enough time!  :D

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It was good to get a game in against you, fluger, though perhaps something a little more fair would have been better for both of us.


Meh, I really didn't feel like the list out classed me, simply put, I'm just crazy rusty and you outplayed me.  No shame in that.  

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