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Studio Workshop - How to: Use Watercolor Washes

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Welcome back to the Studio Workshop!


This week we're showing you how to use watercolor paints as washes.  Just like with oil paints, watercolor washes give you an insane amount of control over the end result of your wash.  The advantage of watercolors is that you can use plain water to clean up rather than having to use mineral spirits.  Just remember that less is better when washing just in case you over do it.  Always use less than you think you will need.  You can always ad more later.


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Until next time, get your game face on!


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Yes sir they do, although if you were going to paint over the watercolors, I'd use something like dulcoat instead of gloss.  That way the watercolors are protected and you're not trying to paint onto a perfectly smooth surface.  Your paint works best if it has a rougher surface (from a microscopic point of view) to grab onto.

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