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(Another) OFCC-VC list for critique!

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This list is a variation on my tried-and-true army I've been using for many years.  Mostly I'm wondering about overall power level, and I'm interested in taking something from Monstrous Arcanum and Necrofex Colossus is the most in-theme with the VC, so any thoughts on him would help immensely (have yet to play a game with him, but looks very good... too good?).




2800 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster


Vampire Lord, 523 pts (Level 4 Upgrade; Lore of Vampires; Shield)

Ogre Blade, Armour of Destiny, Dragonbane Gem

Aura of Dark Majesty,Beguile,Dread Knight, Fear Incarnate, Quickblood


Necromancer, 150 pts (Level 2 Upgrade; Lore of Vampires)

Dispel Scroll

Ruby Ring of Ruin


Wight King 165 pts (Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Battle Standard Bearer)

Talisman of Preservation

Ironcurse Icon


40 Skeleton Warriors, 240 pts (Full Command, Light armour + Shield)

Banner of Eternal Flame


24 Crypt Ghouls, 250 pts (Champion)


10 Skeleton Warriors, 60 pts (musician, light armour + shield)


50 Zombies, 155 pts (Musician)


6 Crypt Horrors, 238 pts (Champion)


27 Grave Guard, 404 pts (Full Command; Great Weapon)

The Banner of the Barrows


2 Fell Bats, 32 pts

2 Fell Bats, 32 pts 


Spirit Host, 45 pts 


Terrorgheist, 225 pts


Necrofex Colossus (Corpse Giant) 285 (+Scythes and Barbs)

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My only concern with this list is the leadership bomb on the lord. -1 ld from ADM, reroll fear tests, make ld test at a -3 (-4 with ADM) or have to reroll to successful to hit rolls add all that to +2 str and +2 WS plus ASF and his defensive abilities and he is almost impossible to get rid of. Also the terrorghiest scream will be even better targeting anything in his -LD bubble.


It gets even better if you are taking lore of death on your necromancer or vamp lord.


Other than that I really like the list. I don't know what the Necrofex Colossus is but it sounds cool.

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IMO The Lord looks fine. fear is subpar and those particular vampiric powers are rarely taken these days for a reason. having some chance at survivability in combat (and having to challenge) seems like a fair trade off to me.


as for the tg scream. give it one wound and you offset the advantage of -1 ld bubble. not game changing.

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has to be vamps on General (lord). so that means a possible lv 2 of death but I think another vamps is the way to go. back up caster for if the general does vanish and further ion suppor which he will want when his gg do get into combat.

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