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Starting up a Canadian Force


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Midori, you could add some artillery / mortars for smoke & Suppression. You could also add some infantry to support your armor. Another thought is ... if you want to stay all armor is to add some Stuart tanks for speed. Recon units are also not a bad pick to support armor IMHO.

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Not really.  25pdrs have gun shields so they're still getting bulletproof cover.  Sextons have a 2+ save against normal shooting because of their armor, but they are bigger and cost more and AT weapons are much deadlier against them since they don't get the innate save that the non-armored guns do. 


The big reason is that 8 25pdrs is 240 pts.  When you make them armored you get 330 points for 8 sextons.  Just not worth it for what you get with 25pdrs, you're much better off spending your points to get the 5.5" guns.

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